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    Web Design Since Netscape Navigator.

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    In 1998, at almost the dawn of the web, we built our first client web site.

    20 years later, that client is still with us.


    We like to think that it's because development of relationships and trust results from of our development of web sites.


    Coming from a background in Architecture, we have adopted Louis Sullivan's phrase 'Form ever follows function' as the basis of our design philosophy.

    A web site can only truly be successful if it is pleasing in form, structured, easy to use and satisfies both the client and the visitor.

    The function of the site is reached by understanding  what site the client wants and then using our professional skills to achieve that.

    The end user will let us both know if we've been successful

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    Q. What kind of web sites do you build?

    We haven't yet found one that we don't. We've done everything from a local handyman, to a portrait artist, to a veterinary hospital to a Japanese multi national electronics company.

    Q. How much will it cost?

    A very basic site will be in the low hundreds, rising in cost depending on complexity. You will never be faced with an unexpected bill however since everything we do is agreed and arranged before work begins.

    Q. How long will it take?

    From a couple of days for a basic site to a few weeks for a complex site. The average time for a site is probably around one week.

    Q. What are the ongoing costs?

    We design sites which can be self-managed by clients, so if you don't need us to do anything, the only ongoing cost would be our hosting fee and email of £50 per annum.